Thursday, June 21

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Dear readers today I started to learn AJAX and jQuery. So far I feel those stuff are very cool and useful to my web development knowledge. When I search for learning material I got stuck several time, so I decided to write some posts after I got learn this stuff. When I write posts I will try to explain coding simple manner. until then you can read basic from w3schools.  

Basic Idea About These Stuff  

 AJAX : This is a technology, that involves send/retrieve data asynchronously from a web application to Web-server. Advantage of this technology is we can reload fragment of a webpage. 

jQuery Logo

jQuery : This is a javascript framework that makes working with the DOM easier by building lots of high level functionality that can be used to search and interact with the DOM. Advantage of this framework is we can do Big things by writing small portion of codes. 

Wednesday, June 20

Microsoft Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Accessing a Line of Code by its Index

Sometime when we working on large scale projects, we need to go through document that has many lines of code and we need to jump hear and there in that document. This type of situation, Code Editor of Microsoft Visual Studio give a solution for you. We call it as "jumping tool". There are two ways to open this tool, 

  • On the main menu, click Edit -> Go To...
  • Press Ctrl + G
This would display a dialog box mention in Figure-I. Enter the line number you want to jump and click OK or press Enter.

Microsoft Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Sometime this tip will be new to you so try it today, it will help you to develop application rapidly.

Preserve Piece of Code in Microsoft Visual Studio 

This means that, if you have code you want to use in different sections, you can preserve it somewhere to access it whenever necessary. To save code to use over and over again, first type the code in any text editor, whether in Notepad, Microsoft Word, or the Code Editor of Microsoft Visual Studio. You can use code from any document where text can be copied, including a web page. Select that code and copy it to the clipboard. To preserve it, in Microsoft Visual Studio, display the Toolbox (on the main menu, you can click View -> Toolbox). Right-click an empty area on the Toolbox and click Paste.

In the same way, you can add different code items to the Toolbox. After pasting or adding the code to the Toolbox, it becomes available. To use that code, drag it from the Toolbox and drop it in the section of the Code Editor where you want to use it.

Before Past Code
Before Past Code
After Paste Code
After Paste Code
After preserve code in visual studio toolbox you can rename,delete or copy again by right-click on the piece of code.

C# Nullable Types

When you declare a variable, you ask the compiler to reserve a certain area and amount of memory to eventually hold a value for that variable. At that time, no clear value is stored in that reserved area of memory. Instead, the area gets filled with garbage, which value is referred to as null when it cannot be clearly determined. A null value is not 0 because 0 is an actual value.

 In C#, normally, not all variables can hold null values. But if you want to do so you can do it.

There is a tow way of declaring Nullable variables, in here I will mention both ways.   

System.Nullable<T> variableName
T? variableName 

T is the underlying type of the Nullable type. T can be any value type including struct. It cannot be a reference type.

E.g.:  int? i = null;
When you create a Nullable of Int32, it can be assigned any value from -2147483648 to 2147483647 or it can be assigned the null value. 

The Nullable type modifier enables C# to create value-type variables that indicate an undefined value. 

Your Computer, Wherever You Need it.

Imagine that you could carry everything that’s on your computer right in your pocket. Then you should check out  iTwin, a very cool double-sided thumb drive that splits apart in the middle and works like a double sided cable, (without the cable, of course) just plug one half into one computer and the other half into a different computer (both Internet connected and power on) now computers are connected, your files are instantly available.

The iTwin doesn’t actually store the data, it just enables an Internet connection between the 2 computers, so no one can gain access to your information without physically having possession of the 2nd half of your iTwin device, and you always have the option to password protect access.

Read more iTwin

Tuesday, June 19

Hot-keys to Creating New Folder in Windows Explorer

Most of the computer uses don't know there is a hot-key to create new folder in Microsoft windows. Actually there is couple of way to do this.

New Folder In Windows 7
Windows 7 developers are bit of smart because they add a Hot-key combination to create new folder. 
If you are a Win7 user you can try this out by simply pressing Ctrl+Shift+N  

Keyboard Accelerator Keys for Other Platforms 
Actually this keys work only in Windows Explorer so there is a limitation but anyway this will save your time. 
When you get focus(active) to the Windows Explorer simply press Alt+F+W+F

I think this Hot-keys will works pretty well once you get used to it, and it doesn’t require any additional software.

I promise you that you will learn something new every day

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